Sock Lengths

Sock Lengths

Different socks reach to different heights on your leg. Consider the following guide when you purchase our socks.

Over the Knee: These socks extend past the knee, warming your entire leg and boldly showing off the sock.                                   

Knee High: Knee high socks cover most of your legs. Wear our Knee Highs with shorts or a skirt to display your gorgeous new socks.                               

Trouser: Also called mid-calf socks, they’re cut a few inches beneath the knee. Formal socks, they usually sport a thinner fabric than crew socks.                               

Crew: The bread and butter of sock sizes. It rises to the middle of the calf. Comfortable and classic, this type of sock can be worn everyday.

Ankle: These socks terminate along the ankle line. They can be seen, but show little. Ankle socks are often worn with stylish shoes, booties, and flats.

No show: These socks disappear beneath the cuff of your shoe. They cannot be seen at a glance, save perhaps for a disappearing line of fabric. These  socks go well with lightweight athletic shoes.

We also have a Sock Size Guide page for you if you are unsure what sock size you need.

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